The Grey Area (2013) – Directing/Producing

The Grey Area is a feature-length documentary about the lives of inmates at a maximum-security women’s prison in Mitchellville, Iowa. The film focuses on the unique experience of teaching and learning Feminism inside a women’s prison, and the power of education in the criminal justice system.

Saints Rest (2017) – Writing/Directing

A musical drama set in small-town Iowa, SAINTS REST tells the story of two estranged sisters, who over the course of one summer, form a connection through their shared love of music, as they grieve the recent death of their mother.


Dangerous Calm (2009) – Choreography 

This senior-thesis project is an original Video-Dance performance, choreographed for 15 dancers who perform live on a stage with video footage projected on a large screen behind them. The video footage transports the dancers from an eerie desert in the middle of nowhere, to a skyscraper construction-site in a bustling city, contrasting the sense of danger found in both natural and urban spaces.

** Music: “Primavera” by Ludovico Einaudi


Long Distance (2009) – Choreography and Performance

A city bus-ride and a red pole to hold on to, attempt to capture the longing of a long-distance relationship. This original Video-Dance performance was filmed, choreographed, and performed by Noga Ashkenazi.
** Music: “Rose” by Ludovico Einaudi

The Problem (2008) – Directing

The Problem is a satirical one-act play by A. R. Gurney, about a husband and wife who are caught in a complicated & perverse spiral of sexual fantasies that enable them to keep their marriage alive.

Hello Again (2007) – Choreography

This Grinnell College production of the successful Off-Broadway musical has music, lyrics and book by Michael John LaChiusa and is based on the 1897 play La Ronde by Arthur Schnitzler. It focuses on a series of love affairs among ten characters during the ten different decades of the 20th century.


5 x 2 (2006) – Choreography

Five dancers. Two tables. An absurd world where slow-dancing with a frying pan, or ballet dancing with a plastic cup are completely normal.


TLV VideoDance (2005) – Choreography and Performance

Filmed in the bustling streets of Tel-Aviv, Israel, this intimate piece combines video footage and live performance on stage.


The Rendez Vous (2005) – Choreography and Performance

A Hip-Hop/Jazz relationship duet. Two people meet, make a connection, lose that connection, and try again.